November Look Back



We’re already at December 10th, and I’m only just now writing up a look back about November. The past two weeks have been BUSY. But now things are calming down and I’m feeling caught up.

IMG_3106 IMG_2975

November was a nice month overall. The air was brisk and the neighborhood was colorful, which made for some great morning and afternoon walks with Quinn.


We were lucky to get tickets to the Commandant’s Ball this year, and celebrated the Marine Corps Birthday with 3,000 of our closest friends. One of my favorite moments of the night was the display of Marines dressed in traditional military uniforms through the years.


Sean participated in an early morning 5K run in Old Town, Alexandria. It was coooold that morning, but he did great. While he ran, I walked around Old Town and snapped pictures of all the lovely historic town homes and fantasized about living there. I love the trees covered with ivy.



There were some tasty meals made at home and eaten out in restaurants. The highlights of the month included a garlicky pork pernil (Cooks Illustrated never disappoints). We bought a beautiful new roasting pan, which I didn’t want to actually use it because it was so shiny and beautiful (I know, weird, right?), but we broke it in after all.


There was also an afternoon of burgers and garlic fries at Holy Cow in Del Rey, Alelxandria. This, my dears, is the Southern Burger with a fried green tomato and cajun remoulade…


Finally, we stumbled on a new chain restaurant called Not Your Average Joes. Normally not a patron of these types of restaurants, we actually really enjoyed our meals and joined the Diner’s Club ($15 off on your Birthday, ya’ll!). Sean ordered pumpkin seed enchiladas and I had cornbread and steak salad. If you have one of these near you, I recommend checking them out.



Oh, there was also a Birthday this month. I’m not saying who or how old this person is…


The month rounded out with Thanksgiving holiday, and we hosted my parents and sister with her family. Sean made a fried turkey and I was in charge of the rest of the meal.

How in the world do people do big traditional meals for Thanksgiving AND Christmas?

After that meal, I couldn’t even look at a cutting board for at least a week.



Now, we’re in December and the time is flying by… we’re gearing up for the Christmas holidays, the colder weather (hello, snow soon!) and our annual winter travel!

Finally, the beasties are in full snuggle mode at night, and we’re competing with bed space with them when it’s time to go to sleep. I love it though… it’s my favorite time of day. bed



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