For our winter holiday trip of 2014, we decided to go to Munich.

Rather, I woke up one morning and decided we were going to Munich and bought the tickets before Sean could have any input.

A little history: Sean is fed up with visiting cold destinations during cold months ( flashback to our frigid trip to Quebec last winter when DC was also frigid).

At some point last year, he made it a rule that we were only going to warm weather destinations from now on.

But as you can see, I talked him into yet another cold snowy trip. He was a good sport though (for most of it)


We arrived early in the morning and thankfully were able to check into our hotel. We stayed at the King’s Hotel First Class, which was near the main train station and close to everything we wanted to do and see. I immediately liked our hotel because they gave us gummy frogs on our pillows as a welcome snack.

So, what else was there to do on that first jet-lagged day? We headed to the famous Marienplatz to people watch, do some window-shopping, and see the Glockenspiel perform.


Beautiful Xmas decorations and history aside, one thing that we observed about Germany right away was that dogs can apparently go ANYWHERE. This observation was really AMAZING to us considering how limited we feel with our dog in the states sometimes.

But in Germany, dogs on trains and metro? No problem.

Is your dog wet and ragged from all the muddy snow? Take him into the shiny Louis Vuitton store.

Are you and your dog ready for a mid-morning snack? Just bring him into the restaurant with you as you eat and warm up.

In fact, Germans were so accommodating of wet smelly dogs that I want to move there now with our dog and take him to stores and cafes all the time.

During that first morning, it started to snow pretty heavily, so we sought refuge in the Munich Residenz.The Residenz is the former palace of Bavarian Monarchs, most of which was destroyed during World War II. It has been restored and there are 130 rooms filled with opulent wall hangings, chandeliers, clocks, and furniture.





For our main meal that day, we stopped at Zwickl for beer, soup, and meatballs. I had leek, potato, and cabbage soup with truffle oil and herbs. I also had the traditional meatballs and Sean ordered duck meatballs with cranberries and cabbage.


zwickl2 zwickl3

This restaurant was really delicious and I highly recommend it if you find yourself in Munich. Make a reservation, though, as they fill up fast.



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