Weekend in Key West


Last weekend, we escaped the snow and cold in DC and headed to sunny tropical Key West.

I was looking forward to this trip like no other… the sun, the warm ocean breeze, the frozen key lime pie on a stick.

It was all so heavenly and this short vacation came at the perfect time, as we had just gotten 7 inches of snow.

When I lived in San Diego for so many years, I actually forgot that weather was cold in other places and I got desensitized to the beautiful weather there. So, one thing I appreciate about living in the DC area with its changing seasons is that I get so excited about nice weather when we endure a long cold winter.




Pictured above is one of the cats living at Hemingway’s residence and the sign at Fort Zachary Beach.

One morning, we walked over to Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park. This park has an old stone fort which served the US during the Civil War, World War I and World War II and there’s an area right on the beach. Incidentally, Sean’s family has some very very distant 8 person removed relation to Zachary Taylor and the family even has a silver punch bowl ladle which belonged to the President himself…

We got caught in a cozy morning rain shower on the beach, but after that, it was breezy and sunny.

I guess I was a little too enthusiastic about chattering on about being in Key West on the beach because Sean finally shushed me (“Can you give me a break for a few minutes?!!!”) and then promptly took a nap. Below is a picture of him after that dramatic moment. I finally did doze a little while listening to the ocean, and of course I had to take the obligatory toes in the ocean picture.

collage3 collage4

Our hotel during this trip was the Orchid Key Inn, which had sort of a 60s Mad Men vibe. The pool area was especially lovely, lined with palm trees each adorned with colorful orchids.  I found it to be a bit more expensive than we normally spend on hotel, but being spring and all, it was hard to avoid paying higher prices. In any case, I do think this hotel was worth it, being perfectly located off Duval Street and offering nice small touches like breakfast and a free happy hour.


collage6There’s so much more to say about this trip. Next up will be pictures of food and sights around town… Stay tuned!



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