Scenes Around Key West



We had a lot of fun lazily strolling around the streets of Key West. I fell in love with all the old houses, the lush greenery, and the offbeat street scenes, of course. (Hello, a trash can for coconuts only!)



collage2 writingroom

Hemingway’s casa is right there in the middle of the historic district of downtown Key West, and around the corner from our hotel. This house was so enchanting… big wrap around verandah, large open windows to let the ocean breeze through, and unique mementos from his travels around the world.

I would absolutely love to live at this estate and have my own personal writing room (pictured above). That’s where the magic happened, folks.

Hemingway was so focused on his writing that he built this work area in a separate adjacent building to his house. So that he absolutely could not be disturbed by anyone, he had a wire suspension bridge built between his bedroom and the workroom, which was the only way in.

In its day, this estate was considered so luxurious and expensive… I especially enjoyed the custom gold and black decorative tile in the bathroom.

I was actually somewhat surprised that the Hemingway house was so charming. I didn’t expect to love it, as I’ve read tons of Hemingway in my life and formed all these negative opinions about him and his relationship with women. I also read The Paris Wife a while back and really hated him after that. Of course, I know that has nothing to do with his home, but I sort of thought his home would be like a man cave or bachelor pad, but it was a lovely oasis. (he only lived there for 13 years while he was married to his second wife) Once he left, he never returned, which is a real shame.


collage3 scuplture


lighthouse highway1

The next post is all about food… I’m still thinking about that frozen key lime pie on a stick!


2 thoughts on “Scenes Around Key West

  1. Hey Mary! So glad to see you’re still on the travel train! I’m a Hemingway book fan, I actually live in his hometown but I’m totally with you about his relationship with women. I think a lot of it had to do with him being closeted. Key West is a fun place and I didn’t see that coconut trash can when I was last there but I’ll be keeping an eye out next time!

    • maryrichardson

      Hey there! Nice to hear from you after this long time! Oh yes, I’m still trying to see as much of the world as I can! Hope your travels are still fun and exciting!

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