Key West Favorite Meals and Drinks




What would a trip to Key West be without Key Lime Pie?

We had two versions while we were there… the one on the left is from Blue Heaven. We went to this wildly popular spot for breakfast one day (yes, we had pie– and other stuff for breakfast), and actually got seated right away. Usually, there’s an hour wait no matter what time you get there, but we had fortuitous timing on our side that morning. It was the first day of Daylight Savings Time (clocks moved forward an hour), so everyone, tourists and wait staff included was running a little slow.

The pie on the right is a frozen chocolate dipped Key Lime Pie from Kermit’s Key Lime Pie Shop.  I had low expectations for this one, but it was so refreshing.


By far, our favorite food of the trip was from a small Caribbean Latin restaurant called Paseo. We loved the Caribbean sandwiches and savory rice and beans. We loved it so much that we went back another time, and would’ve gone back even once more beyond that, but they were closed that next day. One of the best things on the menu is a grilled corn cob slathered in butter and spices… Apparently, many people think so because I just found a copycat recipe for Paseo’s corn online.

Other nice meals included dinner at Santiago Bodega, where we enjoyed a round of tapas including beef carpaccio, patatas bravas, tuna ceviche, shrimp and chorizo. We also dined at the small neighborhood restaurant, 7 Fish.

While visiting the Hemingway House, the tour guide there mentioned that one of Hemingway’s favorite hangouts was Captain Tony’s Saloon. In Hemingway’s day, it was named something else, but this was the actual physical place he would spend the time during hot afternoons.


The interior is filled with license plates from around the country and bras… lots of bras. I wonder if any woman who left her bra here one crazy night has ever gone back the next day or years later and tried to reclaim it off the ceiling.


In addition to license plates and bras, the real amazing attraction is an old tree growing right in the middle of the bar.

And wait, it gets even better. I went over to take a picture of the tree and looked down, noticing something at the base of the tree.

To my surprise, it was a gravestone!  collage5

Some of our other favorite drinks in Key West included our very own free happy hour at our hotel, the Orchid Key Inn.


We also tried a few places on Duvall Street that were great locations  to sit outside and people watch. These included Grand Vin and the Rum Bar.


I end this post with a picture of a very special sandwich from Paseo, the grilled onion and garlic aioli sandwich. When the menu says you have to try the onion sandwich, then you must try the onion sandwich. While I’ve never had a sandwich before made entirely of onions, this was amazingly good and I will try to recreate this at home some time.



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