March Look Back



March started with an ice storm and ended with daffodils popping out of the ground.

The highlight of this month happened near the beginning of March. We got 7 inches of snow in DC and a day later, we hopped onto a plane for Key West. This was a great trip, and the timing could not have been better! You can read more about it here, here, and here.


Below are our suitcases during the Key West trip. I had to take a picture because it turns out like this every time. Guess which one is mine?


After the Key West weekend, I had a week off work, so I finally got some boring but necessary things done I’d been putting off all winter– dentist appointments, washing my car, stuff like that.

I read three books in March including Rooftops of Tehran, a Million Miles in a Thousand Years, and How to be a Victorian (Did you know that before alarm clocks, people in Victorian England would pay someone to come around and tap on their windows when it was time to wake up in the morning? Fascinating.)

We had some good walks with the dog this month. We’re scoping out new places to take him on weekends when we have more time. We discovered Occaquan Park, which is right next to Historic Occaquan. We did this one Sunday mornign and then stopped at a bakery for a giant cardamom and sugar donut.

Speaking of donuts, of course like always, there was lots of eating out in March, and a whole weekend devoted to pork.


Sean was so excited for an event called Cochon 555, which featured all you can eat bacon from mason jars. In fact, it was competition to see which local chef created the best tasting menu using pork. There’s lots more to say about this including my initiation to homemade maraschino cherries. I never knew they could taste that good.IMG_3785

Because we bought tickets to Cochon, we were also invited to a fun meal at The Arsenal at Blue Jacket, a brewery near the Capitols stadium. Here is the menu for this meal.


This special tasting menu featured pork, but also foie gras in different formats, including a foie gras buttercream dessert that I still think about.


That weekend, we were also introduced to a pie shop in downtown DC called Dangerously Delicious Pies. I got the French Toast pie, and it really did taste just like french toast in pie form.


In late March, we had a fun date night in DC to see the New Zealand band Broods at the 9:30 Club. I’m really sold on this music venue and looking forward to attending more concerts there. It’s relatively small and has a balcony, where you can stake out a great spot if you get there early enough. That same night, Sean took me to the iconic Ben’s Chili Bowl for a pre-concert snack. You know, this place had long lines and terrible service (I ordered veggie chili and was given the meat one instead), but I’m glad I finally visited this historic spot frequented by President Clinton and Obama.



Finally, in other areas, the dog and cat continue to be good animals, though they harass us at times. Lately, Quinn has been getting upset in the middle of the night at the cat who decided he wants to sleep in the dog’s spot on the bed. There have been a few rough nights trying to get that settled between them.

Overall, March felt like a real transition to spring and warmer weather. I’m fully looking forward to cherry blossoms and evenings out on our patio.

Let’s go April!


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