Art on the Rocks 2015



We were excited to get tickets to Art on the Rocks 2015 at the Torpedo Art Factory in Old Town, Alexandria.

The Torpedo Arts Factory is a really cool place. It’s a huge workspace where local artists create and display their work. Browsing arouse the industrial halls, you can find everything here from pottery to abstract paintings to sculptures.

During this event, 6 bartenders from various local restaurants showcased a cocktail and snack inspired by one of the works of art in the venue, and of course visitors can browse the art for sale (with less inhibition about buying because of the drinks probably).

We attended this event a few years ago, and it was so fun then. It was a great time this year too!

Here’s a peek at some of the evening’s highlights…

and no, even though we were tempted to buy a Kobe-Bryant-Ghengis-Khan-mongolian-basketball painting, we resisted.

picture1 collage1

sean mary

collage3 mary2

floor collage2 dog


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