The Blind Whino


blind whino

Over the weekend, Sean and I attended a Bloody Mary Festival with our friend, Betsy at the Blind Whino, a very unique arts venue.

It’s a former Baptist church built in the 1900s designated as a historic DC site for its Victorian, Gothic, and Romanesque architectural features. Developers had a vision for this space to be a non-profit venue, bringing arts to the Southwest Corridor of the city. They transformed the exterior with murals and renovated the inside to feature lots of art from locals.

This event featured a dozen versions of the classic brunch Bloody Mary presented by restaurants around DC. Some drinks were traditional, others innovative.

Some of the more interesting versions featured ingredients like bourbon, sherry vinegar, bacon, barbeque sauce, cajun spices, and pickled okra. Some even were accompanied with fun garnishes like meatballs, a mini bagel with lox and cream cheese, and to my absolute delight,a chicken and waffle on a stick!

It was great fun to have a sip of *most of the drinks (I did reach my limit pretty fast), but in the end, I confirmed (like I did during the DC Burger Bash ) that I am a food traditionalist. My personal favorite was the classic Bloody Mary from Founding Farmers in DC.

All in all, this was a really fun event to attend on a warm Sunday.

Take a peek at our afternoon…

drinks1 sign1couple closeupart indoor1indoor2sign2

How do you feel about this classic brunch drink? Are you a fan?


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