Sean and I got into a fight over this place.

It happened last Friday night. Both starving, past our normal dinner time, we arrived at the Spacebar in Falls Church as the sun was setting and the place was getting rowdy.

We had seen this bar driving by a few weeks before and were attracted by the sign: GOOD BEER GRILLED CHEESE.

I guess on this particular Friday night, so many people had the same idea. It was packed. Nowhere to sit and a few layers of people standing around the bar.

There was no way we were getting in, even to lean against the bar.

So we snapped at each other and left disappointed and hungry.

It was not to be on Friday night, but on Saturday, it was!

This time, we were there right when it opened at 5:00 pm.



This place has a lot of character. I can just imagine two high school guys hanging out years ago, having this conversation:

“Hey, you know what would be so cool?”

‘No, what?”

“Let’s open a space themed bar!”

“Awesome! We’ll serve all different kinds of beer…

“yeah, and we’ll serve grilled cheese!”

“And tator tots!”

Then a few years later, that’s what they did. Now there’s this bar.


The menu is pretty varied. There are different kinds of bread, cheese, and fillings to choose from. I got the tomato basil with fresh mozzarella.I was going for the light summer-time feel grilled cheese.

Sean, who always orders more fun than me, got the pastrami, bacon, and cheddar. I had a few bites of his.


The Spacebar is very laid-back. It’s the kind of place you can pop in while you’re in the neighborhood and get a drink.

You can even sit and read a paperback book there, which we saw one guy doing.

If you’re up for it, you can even play Ms. PacMan. There’s a vintage machine against the back wall.

SpaceBar is adults only. I recommend you get there early when it opens at 5:00 if you want to grab a table or seat at the bar.


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