Weekend in Austin


A few weeks back, we visited Austin, Texas before all the unfortunate rain and flooding that’s been in the news. It was Sean’s Birthday weekend and he really wanted to see Rush in concert. 

While I can’t say I’m a fan of Rush, I was excited to visit Austin since I have loved Texas ever since I was a kid and we used to visit our cousins in Houston. (I also grew up in the era of the Urban Cowboy).

Here’s a quick glimpse of our trip. 




austin sign

marystore lastsupper



collage3 collage4



Trip Highlights:

  • Breakfast Migas at Joe’s Restaurant
  • Early morning walk around the Capitol area
  • Browsing the eclectic shops in the funky South Congress neighborhood
  • A stop at the beautiful cowboy themed bar at the historic Driskill Hotel
  • The Bacon BLT at Bacon restaurant
  • Not waiting for 4 hours to eat Franklin’s BBQ! (My limit is 2 hours, folks)
  • This funny avenging unicorn toy spotted in a store window (pictured above)


don't mess with texas


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