May Look Back


Steam coming off the sidewalk after a quick rain. The scent of honeysuckle. Fresh strawberries.

These are my impressions of May 2015, another month which FLEW by.

So much happened in the last 31 days. Here are the highlights.

We started the month at one of our favorite local events at the Torpedo Arts Factory, Art on the Rocks. Twice a year, local bartenders create libations inspired by the art work and they seem to get more creative every time. 


That same weekend, we also attended the Bloody Mary Festival at the Blind Whino, another cool new arts venue. I can’t even tell you how many versions of this classic drink there were. I love this brunch drink, but I don’t think I can be enjoying one for a little while. 


The local farmer’s markets opened up for summer season, and I got so excited by all the fresh produce, fruit, and herbs. It’s also fun because each year there are new cheese, dairy, and baked good vendors to try. 


Like so many, I watched with eager anticipation the Mad Men finale, but I felt so disappointed. You too?


I don’t need EVERYTHING explained to me, but please give me some closure about Don. I was annoyed by the vague ending with Don smiling while doing a meditation, then the quick cut to the famous COKE commercial. And what was up with Peggy’s storyline at the end? She goes season after season with man troubles and then right in the last episode she discovers the coworker who bothered her all those years was her true love the whole time?

don't mess with texas

We visited Austin, Texas for Sean’s Birthday. He wanted to see Rush in concert, so we went all the way to Texas for that. Funnily enough, Rush played in DC about 2 weeks later. Overall, the trip was really fun, and we ate a lot of good food as always. The theme for the trip was “MEAT”

However, I got food poisoning on the way back, like on the airplane, and was out of commission for a few days after that.

Incidentally, I refuse to fly UNITED again. While I was clearly sick and shivering on the plane, I asked the flight attendant for a blanket.

I made this request literally seconds after they made their standard “If there’s anything we can do to make your trip more comfortable, please don’t hesitate to ask” announcement. 

So, I asked for a blanket and was told that they were only for first class passengers. I don’t want to be a major complainer, but crappy customer service, ya’ll!

Some friends from San Diego visited us for Memorial Day weekend and we had a great meal at Trummer’s on Main in Clifton, VA.


I got interested in the female comedy show, Garfunkel and Oates. We watched the pilot a few months ago and didn’t go for it at first. But a few episodes in, I thought it was really clever actually.  

Finally, the month ended with my potluck dinner club. As you can see below, the month’s theme was chocolate.


 We started with kahlua spiked chocolate milkshake aperitifs with brie and chocolate panini. We then moved on to white chocolate and eggplant baba ghanoush and chicken mole. The meal ended with rich chocolate brownies and a chocolate bomb cake.

As a chocolate lover, in theory, this sounded like a heavenly meal. The reality: NOT SO MUCH. Let’s just say we all wanted a green salad after this one. 


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