June Look Back

Where in the WORLD did June go? 

Last month whizzed by and I don’t even know what I did.

Well, that’s not exactly true… here’s a quick round up of the month.

The beginning of June was spent on a family trip in Panama City Beach, Florida.

The last time I visited here was during spring break in college days, and I totally remembered it differently.

I drove down there with a group of college friends and we crashed with some other people we knew and we all slept on the floor in a motel because we were trying to save money. There was a male dance show review in there (Dakota,the Indian dancer, are you still out there somewhere?) and I remember a very nauseous and chilly deep sea fishing trip.

This time, I was completely in awe of this…


How did I not remember the warm Gulf of Mexico waters being so GORGEOUS?

IMG_4483 IMG_4480


Of course, we also had to take advantage of all this fresh gulf shrimp caught that very morning…


Soon after returning back to DC from the beach. Sean and I attended a fun food fundraiser event called Dine and Dash.

For a few hours, a whole slew of restaurants in the Penn Quarter district offered unlimited samples of drinks, appetizers, and snacks  to those participating in the event. So, we started our “meal” at one of our favorite DC restaurants, Zaytinya where we had some wine and snacks and then moved on to the next place for our next course.

All in all, we made it to 16 restaurants before it was over, spending exactly 14 minutes at each (Sean figured it all out. He’s obsessed with timers).

Needless to say, I could not eat anything at all by the end. However, this was a great opportunity to try some new places and there are a few that we will definitely be going back to!


Our other fun trip of the month was a weekend at Beech Mountain, North Carolina, to visit Sean’s twin brother and family. We also wanted to introduce our doggies to each other. They have a white Samoyed named Katya. Isn’t she adorable?

We were hoping it would be Ebony and Ivory all weekend, but Quinny didn’t appreciate Katya’s enthusiasm. (Quinn is intimidated by spunky women) 


McPherson clan

One fun part of the weekend was spending a nice morning hiking at Linville Falls and we saw some great scenery.



After our Dine and Dash night, we were a little tuckered out with food (if you know what I mean) so we went easy the rest of the month.

We did try a new restaurant with our friends Tom and Rachel though for their anniversary. We checked out Chasin Tails, a Cajun restaurant in Arlington.

I can’t say we were blown away by the food overall, but I did really love the crawfish macaroni and cheese.


June is over now and we’re off to a new adventure in early July! Stay tuned!


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