Ring of Kerry, Ireland

IMG_2276 The Ring of Kerry is a scenic drive along the south-western coast in Ireland. The 179 km loop takes you on a journey featuring ocean vistas, wildflowers, grazing sheep, rocky cliffs, seashores, and tiny  towns. It was amazing how much the terrain changed over just a few kilometers.

Thank goodness for our GPS. We ended up on some really tiny roads that led us all over the place. One path led us up a person’s driveway to some very excited but then disappointed dogs who found out we weren’t their owners. Let’s just say Sean had to back up and away slowly from that situation. IMG_2226 This is Sean looking towards the decaying Ballinskellig Abbey. There are so many interesting places and lookouts to stop along the way, but when we read that there is an old castle and abbey right on the beach, we headed that way.

We walked across the rocks and sand to get to the old abbey and then it was our personal jungle gym for a while before other visitors showed up. I love the moody sky above us as we explored the area. IMG_2281 IMG_2243 IMG_2265 IMG_2256 IMG_2249 IMG_4869IMG_2280 Having gotten our workout for the day from all the climbing and posing, we got back in the car and kept driving. But we did stop at a few other beautiful spots for some photos. IMG_2287 This view comes from inside the Killarney National Park. I wish we had more time to explore there, but sadly we didn’t. IMG_2302 About 2 hours later, we ended up back in Killarney, where we were to spend the night. We overnighted in the center of town at the Ross Hotel. The coolest thing about our room was that we had this old church graveyard right outside our window. IMG_4880 That evening we strolled through the streets of downtown Killarney and bought a few souvenirs (Irish soap, chocolate, and wool scarfs, of course!)


For dinner, we had a delicious meal at Bricin, a cozy place right above a gift shop. They were offering a two-course meal special, so we happily ordered that. We started with pea soup, Irish brown bread, and fried camembert cheese with currants. IMG_0727_2 In case you were wondering, the batter on the cheese resembled that of fried fish. I will be trying to recreate this dish at home. For our mains, we ordered the traditional Irish boxty with lamb stew (a pancake-like thing) and thai chicken curry. IMG_4888 IMG_0731

IMG_4890 IMG_4884

This meal was really tasty and I highly recommend Bricin if you find yourself in Killarney looking for a nice meal. The shop below it has some nice things to buy too!


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