Killarney (Ross) Castle


Unfortunately, Sean and I had a very small window of time in Killarney. In fact, we only had a few morning hours to explore before we needed to get a move on to Cork for the afternoon. 

We decided to explore the Killarney Castle, which was just a few kilometers away from our hotel. We walked there that morning and managed to escape the rain again (see looming dark ominous clouds) 

Killarney Castle was built in the 15th century and actually had inhabitants until 1850! Doesn’t this look like it should be the setting for Hamlet or Dracula or something?


We really wished there had been more time to do some kayaking!  (That would have been me stuck in the bushes down there!)




Instead, we just walked around the grounds. Here I am sitting politely in front of the castle.


Here I am getting crazy standing on the wall. A little behind the scenes info: Sean was worried I was going to fall over the side. ( I’m not that uncoordinated, am I?) In any case, there was some major anxiety behind the camera happening about now.

IMG_2318Then it was my turn to take some photographs.

Sean in front of a tiny door (who can get through there except maybe a hobbit?) and in front of a massive beautiful door.

4 IMG_2322

And here’s Sean casually sitting on a tree branch across the way. 


Isn’t this a dreamy setting? 

Across from the castle, we stopped over at the old stone boathouse because I was attracted to the red doors. In fact, when we got back home to the States, I promptly painted our front door this exact gorgeous red.

8 IMG_0739We really enjoyed visiting Killarney, and wished there had been so much more time. 


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