Kissing the Blarney Stone


I know what you must be thinking… No! Not another Irish castle!!!

Well, folks. Yes, I’m going to show you another castle because you can’t go all the way to Cork, Ireland and not visit the Blarney Castle.

Even though it was very touristy, our visit to Blarney Castle was still a fun day.

When we arrived, we headed straight for the very long line to kiss the Blarney Stone. This line started outside in the garden area and went round in circles inside the castle up a narrow stone staircase until finally we reached the top.

Here is Sean standing in the staircase. Only room for one person across really.


When we got to the top, there was a man helping you bend backwards to kiss the stone. There’s no way you could fall to your death in reality. Even though there’s a gap between the castle and the Blarney Stone, only a cat could fall through (or maybe a baby). I suppose he was there for moral support mostly.

For every person, he had a funny comment. Imagine all of these with a sarcastic Irish accent.

“Go on and give it a good smooch!”

“Nice kiss, there”

“Show it some love, dear!”

“There you go!”

“How was it, man?”

IMG_0763_2 IMG_0765_2

I can’t remember what he said to me…

For some reason, I took this stone kissing very seriously. Most people were barely tapping the stone with their mouths (germs and all), but if you look at me closely, you can see I have a good pucker going.

After this big event, you could go down to the kiosk and buy a picture of yourself kissing the stone (yes, that’s how touristy)

We opted out of the photo purchase, and headed for the Poison Garden instead. This garden was really interesting. It featured all these natural plants that are potentially harmful to people and animals. Some of them were so toxic (or in the case below maybe so appealing to some people) that they were surrounded by a barrier.  

IMG_2351 IMG_2352

I love the little skull and crossbones on all the signs.

In any case, the garden did have a plaque that made the very important point that many of these “toxic” plants aren’t harmful at all if used in a moderate and proper way.


The legend goes that any person kissing the Blarney Stone will be given the gift of gab.

Today, I sadly report a few months later that I have noticed no difference in my gab.



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