A Day In Cork


Scone, market, church, and fish and chips. These are my favorite memories of Cork, Ireland.

We didn’t have much time in this city as we arrived a bit late and left early the next day.

But we did get a chance to do some late afternoon exploring and eating, of course.

Our first order of business for the 4:00 o’clock hour: scone with decadent fresh cream.

We found a small tea shop called Fellini and I ordered the best afternoon snack. Even Sean, who doesn’t really like sweets, enjoyed this one.


In keeping with its namesake, this tea shop was a little bizarre inside. There were all kinds of interesting painting and this unusual sculpture, right next to the cakes. 


After our break, we headed to the English Market, a famous market that’s been in existence since 1788. You could buy all sorts of interesting cuts of meat, cheeses, and more.

IMG_4910IMG_4915IMG_4914IMG_4918IMG_4907IMG_4911I love visiting markets like these. It’s always so much fun to see what kind of local specialties are available and they’re great for photos.

From there, we headed to St Finnbar’s Cathedral to admire the immensity of the structure and the architecture.

IMG_0749_2 IMG_4937 IMG_4930 IMG_0751_2
 We got there near closing time and spent most of our remaining time outdoors taking photos.

I rather thought the priest might still let us have a little look inside too, but no. He came out with the iron church keys, locked the doors, and went on his way. 

After that, we headed to a famous Cork institution, Jackie Lennox Chip Shop.

This place came highly recommended by the daughter of a friend, and who doesn’t like fried food? Besides that, this chip shop has been frequented by Bono, himself (circa 1980s, as you can see in the photo below- he’s awarding the owner a gold record!)

You could have your chips with different toppings like curry or mushy peas, or if you go that way, curry with mushy peas together. But in case you’re wondering, we ordered the chips with cheese and garlic mayo.

IMG_0754_2 IMG_4939 IMG_4941

This hot greasy meal was delicious and there was a line out the door. Isn’t that the cutest little blue fork to spear your fries?

On a funny side note, Sean did the ordering and the kid at the register couldn’t understand what he said.

Sean: “We’ll have the fried haddock, cheese and garlic chips, and a Coke.”

Boy: “What was that last bit?” said looking to me

Mary: “Coke”

Boy: Okay fried haddock, cheese garlic chips, and a Coke”

I successfully translated!


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