A Weekend in the Mountains


You’re probably wondering why we’re dressed up standing on top of a rock.

Sean and I attended a wedding in Dolly Sods, WV at the end of July. The ceremony was held on this spot overlooking the valley below. As you can, dogs were invited too!

We decided to make a weekend out of it, and stayed in nearby Davis, WV, a tiny mountain town with a river running through it. The whole place had a very laid-back country feel. We saw hunting dogs, hikers, country banjo players, lots of pick up trucks, mountain wild flowers, and random hiking boots scattered around. 

We stayed in the dog-friendly motel, the Canaan Village Inn. While this motel first struck us as a little creepy (our door was wide open when we came back to the hotel late one night- yes, we checked under the bed and in the shower stall before shutting in for the night), I can only say good things about the manager there, who was very accommodating with Quinn. 


The first morning we were there, we found this lone coffee shop open in town on the main street, or rather, the only street. The cute shop was filled with these wooden sculptures made from a local artist.

IMG_2702 IMG_2708 IMG_2707 IMG_2711

They even had a wooden chair in front facing the main street so you could observe all the activity in the town. I think one car passed.

IMG_2791 IMG_2793

Where is their owner? We’ll never know… 

After our breakfast, we wandered next door to the river and walked around a bit. We also headed to a nearby nature preserve to get some outdoor time before the wedding later that afternoon.


IMG_2717 IMG_2807IMG_2817

It was nice to move our legs that morning because we had a long mountain drive to the wedding spot.

This drive was pretty (if not a little scary at times), winding up the side of a mountain in a single lane. It was worth it though because when you arrived, you got to see all this. Quinn approved.

IMG_2854 From the parking area to the wedding spot was another short hike and even the bride was wearing hiking boots under her dress!


I’ve never been to such a special and unique wedding venue before. This spot was gorgeous and while I haven’t seen any of the professional photos yet, I’m sure they’re great.

The fun thing? Quinn posed front and center in many of them.

After the ceremony, we drove back to Davis for the mountain themed wedding reception, complete with mountain flowers decorating the cake and trail mix gifts for guests.

IMG_2880 IMG_2879

All river rocks were returned to their original nature resting place by our mountain loving hosts after the wedding.

The reception was really fun and we ate and danced for a few hours before we got a call from the manager at our hotel letting us know that Quinn was “howling at the top of his lungs.” We quickly returned and that was our weekend in the mountains.


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