Guinness Factory


The Guinness Factory in Dublin is one of our favorite tour experiences ever.

The tour consisted of five self-guided floors with informative displays, which were so interesting and interactive. Best of all, you got a free Guinness at the end!

The factory was packed on the day we visited. We didn’t think ahead, but you could buy your tickets online and pick them up when you arrive. (There’s a separate faster line)


The first level of the tour explained about all the special ingredients in a Guinness.

This photo shows a wall of the pristine water that makes Guinness so silky smooth. Every Guinness you drink anywhere in the world is made with this local water. 


One favorite part of the tour was an explanation about how to analyze the different notes of flavor within a Guinness. We practiced taking sips and focusing on the flavor sensations in various parts of our mouths. They gave you the cutest mini Guinness glasses to practice with!

The highlight was when we learned how to properly pour a Guinness. Yes, there is a special technique which requires concentration and a very steady hand.

One by one, each of us on the tour concentrated pouring the perfect pint while not spilling a single drop. Everyone watched. That was major anxiety … but we succeeded!

3 4

Afterwards, you got to drink the same Guinness that you yourself proudly poured.

Even though this was rather touristy, it was really fun. Don’t miss it if you’re in Dublin! 


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