A Little Whisky In Your Oatmeal?


You know it’s bad when even your husband says, “I’m getting tired off all the posts from Ireland.”

So this is the very last Ireland post. And it’s about food.

We’ve shown you fish in Dublin, fine dining in Athlone, lamb boxty in Killarney, and garlic cheese chips in Cork. 

Here are a few snapshots of other memorable meals. 

The top photo features the different whiskey shot choices for your morning oatmeal in Waterford.

We also had a traditional Irish breakfast there. While I appreciate the variety of proteins on my plate, it was a bit too much meat for me. (Sean, the carnivore, was in heaven)


This beautiful creation is a seafood pie we tried in Kinsale one rainy afternoon. It was the perfect weather for comfort food.


At this same restaurant, we had Beef Stew made with Murphy’s Stout. 

Imagine this scene: Sitting inside a small restaurant with a big window looking out at a gray dreary day in the harbor. (I could go for that right about now. It’s 90 degrees in DC!)


In Waterford, we enjoyed these meals. Sean had the ribs with Parsley sauce and I had the sausages on top a mound of mashed potatoes.ribs sausage

Our final meal, sad to say, was not Irish at all. 

On our very first day in Ireland, while wandering around Dublin, we walked by a charming cafe with outdoor patio seating and saw three women tearing through a beautiful cheese plate. 

That image stuck in both our minds during our entire trip- so much so- that on our last day, we HAD to have that cheese plate.

And here it is. And it’s French cheese from Chez Max, which I’m embarrassed to admit.

But it was beautiful and tasty.



4 thoughts on “A Little Whisky In Your Oatmeal?

    • mcr

      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, we can’t remember the name of the restaurant, but it was a long ways down on the boardwalk along the water (way past all the other places) It faced the harbor with big open windows. Sorry, I can’t offer more than that!

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