Arcadia Farm Dinner for Veteran Farmers


This past Sunday, Sean and I attended a really special event in Alexandria, Virginia.

It was the Arcadia Farm dinner fundraiser for Veteran farmers.

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day and setting! For several hours, we dined al fresco at long tables on the lawn. Much of the food was grown and raised on the farm; some of it was donated by local restaurants and bakeries. Several local chefs freely gave their time to prepare the delicious meals.

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Sean and I were some of the first people to arrive (not surprising, we’re always way early). We were welcomed at the entrance with our choice of two types of drinks. I never caught what they were exactly, but one had rum and the other champagne. Of course, we tried one of each.

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Drinks in hand, we strolled around the farm, eating a few nice appetizers that were passed on trays to guests including salmon on zuchinni fritters, bacon wrapped dates, and these shrimp with goat cheese on cucumbers.18IMG_3846



Soon, it was time for dinner and the Governor of Virginia, Terry McCauluffe, said a few words about this special program supporting Veteran farmers.


Ready for dinner, we took our seats at the long table and found ourselves next to the most interesting people. We actually had so much in common with everyone around us, since we all had some kind of military connection and some experience living and working overseas.

Now, on to the most important part. The food!

Our meal had 6 different courses, and I can’t even remember everything because it came out so fast and by then, the wine was free flowing into our glasses.

The food was presented family style on beautiful platters, and I managed to get a few shots.



11 15 12


Not pictured are a Thai squid salad, sweet potato porridge, and the trio (yes, there were 3 of them) of desserts! The sweets included chocolate zucchini cake, apple pie, and peach pie.

As the sun went down, the staff brought out candles, and we dined with flickering lights all around us. It was the perfect evening and perfect way to round out the end of summer (sad face here)


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