Pups in the Park


A few times a year, Nationals Stadium in DC hosts a baseball event called Pups in the Park. Basically, it’s a bring your dog to the game kind of event. There’s Quinn wearing his special Nationals bandana, special ordered just for the occasion.

We’d been trying to do this with Quinn for a while, but it’s hugely popular and sells out fast. Thankfully, we managed to get tickets and got to experience the game with our pooch and all the other dog-loving crazies out there. Yes, it was pandemonium.


This turned out to be so much fun. Dogs just lend such a different vibe to things, no? I thought we’d be relegated to the very top cheap seats, but we had a whole canine section in the stands to ourselves. Yes, we had to buy a seat for Quinn.


This was great for people and dog watching. There were dogs everywhere of every breed and size. You can imagine all the variety, right? Look closely below– there’s a little dog wearing an Uncle Sam outfit.


You can also imagine all the funny stuff going on… people taking selfies with their dogs, puppies sitting in laps watching the game, doggies eating cotton candy, throwing up popcorn, whining and trying to play …

IMG_3893 IMG_3891 IMG_3920

I think owning a dog is a great connector. We realized we’re just like all the other dog lovers out there.

Even though Sean and I had a blast, Quinn unfortunately hated this event. He didn’t want to sit in his seat or interact with any of his new doggy friends. All he wanted to do was eat pretzel with nacho cheese sauce and then cower underneath the seat.

Of course, Quinn was our favorite dog there, but I did fall in love with this little pup wearing his special jersey.



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