A Fall Cabin Getaway


Enjoying a relaxing cabin fall getaway in the mountains of Shenandoah National Park

One of our favorite weekend trips to do during the fall is Shenandoah National Park. We usually rent a dog friendly Lewis Cabin and spend the time hiking and then cooking up some camping food! 

We went here weeks ago during Columbus Day weekend, so the leaves are bright yellow and orange. We had perfect weather with crisp air and bright sunlight!  


IMG_4159 IMG_4141

We usually spend the first day hiking near the Lewis Cabins and campground. The trail is so pretty this time of year!


IMG_4233 IMG_4218

Every year, we love (or rather, I do) to plan out our camping meals. The last time we were here we were inspired by a couple who brought out a beautiful cheese platter and a bottle of wine.

We copied that idea this time and brought along Sean’s pig cheese board that he made in 7th grade! I don’t know why I think that’s so funny, but I do…


I also think it’s fun to experiment with cooking something new each season. I blame Pinterest for this compulsion.

In years past, we’ve done chicken fajitas and foil packets with smoked sausage and peppers, but this time we made pizza in a cast iron grill pan. 


We ended up burning the pizza a little bit on one side, but it tasted great and was so easy to make overall.

We realize time and again that Quinn is really more of a suburban dog. While he likes being out in nature on the trails, he’s so nervous in the campground. Too many unusual sounds and smells, I suppose. 

IMG_4273 IMG_4278

The rest of the night we sat by our fire and drank wine for a little while until Quinn let us know he was ready for bed. 


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