A New Year


Trying unsuccessfully to get Quinn to walk the plank…

Sean, Quinn, and I started off 2016 with a little fresh air.

After our warm spell through Christmas, the temps have finally fallen to respectable January levels- cool enough so we know it’s winter, but warm enough to go outside and explore.

Our first outing of the year was to Great Falls, Virginia.

But before we landed there, we ventured into DC to get savory kolaches at the Republic Kolache, which according to the Internet, is a home for “displaced Texans.” Unfortunately, they weren’t open (Sean was really looking forward to the brisket and jalapeno kolache), so we had to think fast and remembered a place we had just read about the night before, the Pretzel Bakery.

This little hole in the wall bakery sells breakfast pretzel sliders and a pretzel nutella bomb that Sean and I shared/fought over. (He takes the hugest bites!)





Having our fill, we headed to Great Falls. It really was the perfect winter day.  




Sean made fun of me here because I sat on my butt and inched my way down the branch to get this picture. (He just walked down it upright no problem)  

I couldn’t help it though. I really thought I was going to fall in the water! We also tried to get Quinn to walk down the branch but he wouldn’t budge. In fact, he cried a little when Sean walked out on it alone.


After walking around Great Falls for a few hours, we headed to Old Town Alexandria, not wanting to go home just yet.

We planned to visit a new seafood restaurant on the waterfront with outdoor seating for Quinn, but when we got there, they weren’t doing the outside service anymore. So we ended up at Haute Dogs and Fries, which we’ve been wanting to get to for some time.


We honestly had low expectations, but this place turned out to be great! We planned to sit at the tables outside with Quinn, but when Sean went in to order, they said we could bring him inside. 

We are now loyal customers for life. 





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