A Texas, Korean, and Southern Food Weekend


One of my favorite things to do lately is browse Yelp food reviews.

I discover so many new random hole in the wall joints (my favorite) this way.

Like Republic Kolache, for example.

I happened to see the thumbnail for it while browsing for something else.  Texas style Kolaches in DC? How can that be?


But alas, it is true and Yelp brought this lovely little place into our life last Saturday.

Republic Kolache is only open on Saturdays from 10 am-1 pm inside the American Ice Bar downtown. It’s a pop-up which uses the bar space in the am.

They feature unique different flavors each week and we tried them all including egg & cheddar, half-smoke, sag paneer, cream cheese & pecan, and spiced apple.


They were all really good, but the sag paneer (a tex-mex version of the Indian dish) and the cream cheese pecan were my favorites. 



The decor is really Texas inspired and I was impressed by the tray paper featuring all the famous Texas motifs.


This woman is particularly meaningful for Texans… do you know who it is? Selena, of course! (On a side note, I once went to her shrine in Corpus Christi where she is forever immortalized in a bare- midriff top like this one.)

We understood all the Texas motifs easily, but the only one we couldn’t figure out was the cherries??? Can some Texan out there explain?

All this bread was certainly filling for a few hours, but we had to go home and make some space in our stomachs because that night, we met some friends at the Korean/Southern hybrid restaurant in National Harbor called Succotash.

Here is my “Dirty Chicken” which reminded me of chicken wings with spicy sauce and blue cheese. It most definitely had a Korean flavor though with Korean red chili spice.


Some of our other dishes included fried green tomatoes, watermelon and peanuts, BBQ ribs, and chicken with waffles.


We also had Korean chicken wings, collards with kimchi, and a ham and sausage platter.

One of my favorite dishes of the night was this pimento fundido with caramelized onions.


I would’ve loved to try dessert, but as you can imagine our stomachs were full after all this food. How could we not be full?

While we all thought our entrees were fine, everyone felt the appetizers and the sides were more special and worthwhile. We agreed if we ever come back, we’d skip the mains completely and just order some drinks with small plates instead.


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