Isla Mujeres


Our second day in Cancun, we headed to Isla Mujeres, a tiny island off the coast accessible by ferry. Can you believe the color of the ocean?


It was an easy 15 min ride over and once we disembarked and made it through the gauntlet of people trying to rent us hotels, scooters, and time shares, we discovered some really charming and colorful streets.

IMG_7443 IMG_7448




We had the most delicious meal of our trip in Isla Mujeres at the Rooster Cafe. I had gazpacho and tacos, while Sean had a sandwich with sausage, peppers,and cheese. I’m still thinking about my soup!

IMG_7508 IMG_7510

After lunch, we made friends with this little guy just hanging out on the street.


Everything was going great… nice weather, nice meal, nice doggy.

And then we rented some bikes to ride to the tip of the island about 5 miles away. There was a nature preserve and a sculpture garden I really wanted to see.

That’s when things started to go bad.

We got our bikes and off we went. The ride was fairly easy, but we had to share the road with cars, motorbikes, trucks, and everyone else heading that way.

About 45 minutes into our ride and nearly to the tip of the island, Sean stopped. I was way ahead and didn’t even realize he wasn’t behind me for the longest time. Then I cycled back to him to find out the problem.

Turns out his bike just stopped working. Chain was attached, nothing looked obviously broken, but it just wouldn’t go forward.

So, what choice did we have but to abort our plan and head back into town? I rode ahead to see if I could get some help and Sean started walking his bike back. Not fun, guys. 

I ended up convincing a taxi driver to hang our bikes out of the trunk of his car and drive us back into town. When we took the bikes back to the rental place, the guy who ran this business accused us of breaking his bike!

Yeah, we broke your bike by riding it, dude. 

I stood there and argued with him for a good 20 minutes and finally we had to walk away. There was some yelling (from me) and head ducking in shame (from him) but he refused to give us a refund for renting a crappy bike, the taxi ride back into town, time lost, whatever. It was not pretty!

Heads up: Don’t ever rent bikes in Isla Mujeres from Omar!

IMG_7455 IMG_7445 IMG_7447

We ended up venting with a few bottles of Dos Equis on the beach and all was good again before taking the ferry back to Cancun for the day. 


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