Cenotes Tour in Cancun

sean feet

Here’s Sean zip-lining into a cenote in Mexico last March during our trip to Cancun.

(Yes, its the middle of summer, and I’m just now wrapping up this trip from months ago. There’s lots more to come too as I get caught up…)

Anyway, one of the best things we did there was take a Cenotes tour that visited 4 different ones in Cancun. Cenotes are natural sinkholes that form when limestone collapses, exposing the groundwater underneath. In Cancun, many of them are inside caves or in the middle of the jungle, so they are all unique from each other.

While you can drive around and find some of them yourself, many of the public ones are very overrun with people. Some are located on private property though which restricts your access. While Sean and I normally steer away from tours, we booked this one from Xenotes Maya Tours, and it was totally worth it.

Don’t you just wanna jump in? That water was so refreshing, but cold!


On this tour, we visited 4 cenotes and got to enjoy them in different ways including swimming, kayaking, zip-lining, and rappelling.

For the first one, we repelled down into it. It was pretty fun to go from bright light outside to this dark underwater cave…

Once we were inside and swimming around, the tour guide shone the light in the ceiling and we saw dozens of bats. Creepy! And I didn’t even know they were there until he showed us!

mary cenote

The zipline approach was fun too. They let you do it however you wanted- sitting on the stomach, head first, spinning, one foot in the harness. This particular cenote had the strangest warm and cold currents running through it, but I loved the lily pads right there next to us.



All the cenotes here were naturally formed, but because the land was private property, the owner developed facilities around them to make them more people friendly and easier to access. That’s why you see stone paths, and thatched roofs, etc. To preserve the natural environment though, you are not allowed to wear your shoes or sunscreen.



As stated earlier, we usually don’t enjoy tours very much, but we highly recommend this tour company.

Overall, it was well-organized and a good experience. The only downside is that they try to sell you an expensive (over $100) photograph package at the end (We laughed at the price, but I thin we were the only people on our tour who didn’t buy the pictures!) If you want your own photos, I recommend you take a water camera or a GoPro (like we did).


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