When I’m not traveling, I’m exploring Washington DC and beyond for food, culture, and community.

Travel Education

  • Early on, I wanted to learn as much as I could about other countries. In grade school, every book report I wrote was about Denmark, India, or Chile.
  • At 13, I lived with a host family in Queretaro, Mexico.
  • I spent a summer with a French family at La Dune du Pila, France at 16.
  • After graduating high school, my family took a European vacation. My favorite memory of August 1989 was crossing Checkpoint Charlie to enter East Berlin. Watching TV months later, we saw the Berlin Wall crumble. I still have former East German currency.
  • At 20 years old, I traveled to Monte Verde, Costa Rica on a college biology expedition.

Out In the World

  • My real passion developed when I lived in Namibia as a Peace Corps Volunteer. The experience was intense, stressful, and awe-inspiring. I would never trade that time of my life.
  • Returning to the States as a lover of languages, I got an MA in Linguistics.
  • Other explorations through the years have included living in the Czech Republic and Okinawa, Japan.
  • Some of my favorite trips have been to Taiwan, Italy, Turkey, Argentina, Alaska, and Tahiti.

Life Now

  • I currently live in the Washington DC area
  • Despite my experiences wandering the globe, I never take for granted the grand scale of what’s left to explore.
  • Travel successes and mishaps along the way, I continue to be inspired by this curious world.


28 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Mary,

    Your blog looks great, but where is the subscribe button?

    I always like meeting bloggers with adventurous souls, and it looks like we have some experiences in common. The world is a fascinating place!

    • maryrichardson

      Miss Footloose,

      Thanks! I’m always looking for kindred travel friends too… I just inserted a subscribe button on the home page. Still learning my way around wordpress…

  2. Ashley

    I’m wondering how it must be like living in Japan? Visited the place a few times, but never ever thought about living there.
    Your blog is great! I remember when I went to Egypt, I wrote down all the important points you mentioned, and on top of my list was “Go and have fun!” For me, that’s really the way to enjoy any place I visit!

    • maryrichardson

      Dear Ashley,
      I really love living in Japan! It’s taken me almost 2 years to be truly “comfortable” but I know when we leave next year, I’ll miss so many things- the food, the service, and people. Wow! You’ve traveled to Egypt too, girl! A crazy country, right? But really interesting… glad you’re attracted to the exotic places like me.

      • Ashley

        Yep, it is a crazy country! Especially the people who give you camel rides! But that’s another story……

      • Ashley

        Believe it or not, I’m only 19! But my mom and dad haven’t seen the world, and since I turned 9, they’ve been telling me, “10 years later, we’re going to throw you into a plane with nothing but a camera and no idea where you’re going! We want you to see the world!” At that time, I had no idea what they meant! Now when they can’t go with me, I’ll gather the real close group of guys and girls I have has friends and push them on to the plane with me!

  3. You must be a fan of Chris Guillebeau too. Are you? I wrote about his movement, “The Art of the Non-Conformist,” today. I would love to learn more about the Peace Corps work you did. I’m attending a meeting on that next weekend.

    • Larry Sugarmann

      Hello, Mary! I’m so glad to reconnect with you. Wow, it’s been a long time since the linguistics studies at SDSU. As you know, I lived in Japan for 2 years and came back with a souvenir: a wife! I remember you were at Naoko and my farewell party with your friend, Rie, her husband, etc.

      We have a lot in common, Mary. Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated by other cultures and languages. I looked at my grandparents’ photos and slides of their world travels over and over again. As a teenager, I became a ham radio (amateur radio) operator and talked to people all over the world. I also started having pen pals from many different countries.

      I have made 5 trips to El Salvador, even during the war! I lived in Mexico for 1 year and in Japan for 2 years, as I mentioned above. I have traveled through Mexico, Honduras, and El Salvador. In Japan, I have only traveled through Kyushu.

      I would love to hear from you Mary.



      • maryrichardson

        Hi Larry!
        So happy to hear from you! Wow, it has been years, hasn’t it! I do remember going to your going away party! Where are you living now? Are you teaching? I’ll only be in Japan for one more year sadly, but it’s been a great experience! Have you and your wife gone on any fun trips lately?

    • maryrichardson

      Dear Gutsy writer,
      I’ve never read Chris Guillebeau, but thanks for recommending him. I certainly will now! Feel free to ask anything about Peace Corps. It was years ago, so some details about the program may have changed… but I can tell what I l know. Is there a particular part of the world you’re interested in? I hope it works out for you… it’s been my most meaningful life experience so far. Worth it in so many ways!

  4. Dear Mary,

    I am so glad I found your blog. It’s great to read it, as I am also crazy for traveling. If you have time, please visit mine too :-). I am also currently living in Japan, after having grown up in Romania and gone to studies in Germany.

    Is that you in the Geisha photo?


    • maryrichardson

      Hi Sonia,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will definitely check out yours! Where are you in Japan? Yes, that’s me as the geisha… very fun experience. I recommend it!

      • Hi Mary,
        thanks for visiting my blog and for following!
        I live in the northern part of Tokyo, where it borders Saitama prefecture. Are you coming to Tokyo often?

      • maryrichardson

        Dear Sonia,
        I’d love to live in Tokyo! I lead tours from Okinawa, so I visit Tokyo about every 2 months or so.

  5. Larry Sugarmann

    Dear Mary,

    I’m so happy to have received your reply. I’m very sorry that I didn’t notice your response until now.

    As you may recall, the farewell party was due to my wife and I leaving San Diego and heading for Las Vegas. (Well, actually it was Henderson).

    We remained there for 6 years. I ended up returning to the elementary classroom. I have been an educator for most of my life, mostly teaching bilingual kindergarten through second grade classrooms.

    For the first 4 years in Las Vegas, I taught first grade. During my fifth and sixth years, I was a dual-language (Spanish) teacher. First I taught a second grade dual-language class. During my final year with the Clark County School District, I was a dual-language kindergarten teacher.

    I have a very tragic story to tell you about my wife. It would not be appropriate to tell you it on this board. I would like to send you email or talk to you. I believe you have my email address, right? I want to tell you about my wife.



    • maryrichardson

      Dear Larry,
      Again, it’s so great to hear from you! I hope everything is going okay for you. I’ll send you an email soon, and you can also email me. I posted my email in the contact page. Talk soon!

  6. It looks as if I will be solo in Shanghai for a few days this summer. I was there with friends last summer, so I know a bit about the city. If you can offer any advice, I’d appreciate it. I have some questions that I will try to get answered off-line, if I can find your email address. Thanks, ~Mona

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  8. Hi Mary,
    great blog! Im wondering, which part of the Czech republic did you live in and how did you like it? Interesting travel experience, keep it up! 🙂

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