Published Travel Writing Articles

Matador Travel Network

February 2011, 7 Unique Study Abroad Programs

February 2011, 7 Ways Teaching ESL at Home Can Change Your Life

January 2011, Photo Essay: Marriage Traditions Around the World

Dec 2010, New Year’s Day in the Life of an Expat in Okinawa

Dec 2010, The Cultural Impact of Tourism: Does the UNESCO Intangibles Program help or hinder?

Dec 2010, 10 Places to Move Abroad and Extend Your Life

Oct 2010, Visiting a Local Fortune Teller in Okinawa

Oct 2010, Is a Homestay Right for You? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Sept 2010, 5 Reasons to Try Out a Short Term Teaching Program Before Making a Longer Commitment

Expat Life in Japan: Baby Shower Lost in Translation

Travel Jobs: Working Internationally with Club Med

7 Practical Tips for Moving Your Pet Overseas

Love and Expat Marriage: Finding Identity as a Trailing Spouse

What Ikebana Taught Me About Japanese Culture

My Month of Living Adventurously

Matador Life Food Week Begins with a Lovely Bolognese

What Not to Do in Okinawa

A Shopper’s Guide to Shanghai

How to Hitchhike in Southern Africa

My Day of African Justice

Boots N All Travel

February 2011, Discover an Unexpected Side of Japan in Okinawa

5 Reasons to Geocache Your Way Around the World

How to Negotiate with a Tour Guide to Get the Experience You Really Want

Hong Kong Budget Guide: Where to Spend and Where to Save

Backpacker’s Epiphany: 5 Reasons to Visit Club Med

Transitions Abroad

Island Fever, 2010 Expatriate Writing Contest Runner Up


Yoron Island Getaway

Space A to Iwokuni

Escape the Steamy Summer at Round I


Remedies for the Post-Vacation Blues

Livestrong.com Magazine

Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Maui

Outdoor Activities in the Washington D.C. Area

Kid’s Activities in Houston


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